Financial Conflicts Authors Clinical Practice Guidelines

Ideal doctor (video in Russian)

  • The patient first
  • Treatment the patient but not the illness
  • Priority for the patient’s healing strengths through the harmonization of physical, mental and social health
  • Medical interventions with minimal loss of patient’ health for recovery
  • The basis of the treatment in physiological and pathological laws of human nature

Doctor today

  • Prosecutor and insurance companies first
  • Clinical practice guidelines as the base of patient treatment
  • Strict adherence to clinical practice guidelines

The problem: quality, objectivity, and independence of the guidelines from the external factors

Many Clinical Guideline Authors Have Undeclared Payments

  • Many of the professional societies that develop clinical practice guidelines have financial conflicts of interest with industry themselves
  • More than 1/4 of the authors of clinical practice guidelines recommend high-priced medications that are failed to disclose relevant payments from drug companies
  • The average total payment receiving by authors for one guideline is $1000

Financial Conflicts of Interest Among Authors of Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Relevant nonresearch financial conflicts of interest – 42% of authors of clinical practice guidelines
  • Open payments – 74% of US authors between 2013 and 2016
  • Payments to 84 US authors – $5.5 million for nonresearch activities and $30.9 million for research
  • Types of payments: consulting – 46%, honoraria – 26%, travel – 25%, food – 3%

Many Clinical Guideline Authors Have Undeclared Payments

A possible approach to solving the problem:

  • writing clinical practice guidelines by a government body
  • waiver of guidelines that do not meet the condition of independent funding

Our proposal

  • Until the emphasized problem of clinical practice guidelines is not solving, let’s understand them as the source of information and no more
  • Philosophy of ideal doctor should be going to stay the main rule of clinical practice forever

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