Heart Rate Variability: for real doctors. Conclusion. Chances of quality and timely recovery

Yabluchansky N.I., Martynenko A.V.

Heart rate variability: for real doctors. Translation from the Russian version of the book, published at Kharkiv, 2010, 131 p.
The basics and practice of the clinical use of the technology of heart rate variability are outlined for doctors of all specialties and students of medical faculties of universities.


Chances of quality and timely recovery

It is essential to understand that the disease, like health, has its own standards. It requires adequate in its degree and timing changes in regulatory systems. The regulation did not react to the unfavorable situation, it turned out to be insufficient or excessive, its dynamics were disturbed – the disease is more challenging to treat. We have the same if the changes in the power of regulation correspond to the condition. The probability of a protracted course, complications, chronicity, and a fatal outcome increases.
Adequate regulatory responses create favorable conditions for treating the disease. All other things being equal, in this case, the outcome will always be better: better recovery, fewer complications, and their consequences, less often and easier exacerbations, lower risk of a fatal outcome. If changes in regulation do not correspond to a favorable course of the disease, complications are possible. You should be careful not to artificially introduce the parameters of regulation of the patient into the normal range of a healthy person! This is a particular type of iatrogeny.


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