Heart Rate Variability: for real doctors. Conclusion. Selection of drugs, dosages, schemes of use

Yabluchansky N.I., Martynenko A.V.

Heart rate variability: for real doctors. Translation from the Russian version of the book, published at Kharkiv, 2010, 131 p.
The basics and practice of the clinical use of the technology of heart rate variability are outlined for doctors of all specialties and students of medical faculties of universities.


Selection of drugs, dosages, schemes of use

Medicines are used in the management of patients. A lot of them. Medications with different mechanisms of action can be prescribed to the same patient to solve the same clinical problem. The doctor must know at what price the expected result is achieved. If the drug, when it reaches the planned effect, also contributes to the improvement of regulation or, at least, does not worsen it, then everything is fine. Otherwise, you need to think about replacing it. The same applies to dosages and regimens. If you can control regulatory systems, test the drug before you try it. Compare with the effects of another. Pick the best. You will succeed.


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