Heart Rate Variability: for real doctors. Conclusion

Yabluchansky N.I., Martynenko A.V.

Heart rate variability: for real doctors. Translation from the Russian version of the book, published at Kharkiv, 2010, 131 p.
The basics and practice of the clinical use of the technology of heart rate variability are outlined for doctors of all specialties and students of medical faculties of universities.


Hopefully, we were able to show that HRV is the most potent independent non-invasive tool for the study of human regulatory systems in physiological conditions and under pathological conditions.
HRV allows to solve such problems:
• reserves and quality of health;
• ability to resist diseases;
• chances of quality and timely recovery;
• prevention of exacerbations of chronic diseases;
• selection of drugs, dosages, patterns of use; control, optimization and
prediction of treatment outcomes;
• the threat of catastrophic health problems, the search for effective methods
their prevention and prevention;
• planning and control of mental and physical activities in everyday life and
• professional selection.

Regulation, Health, and Disease
• Man is united in the physical, mental, social
• Man is inseparable in health and disease
• The basis of indivisibility – the integrity of the human body and the core
her – re-regulation
• The problems of most diseases in the integrity violations,
first of all regulation
• Higher medical mastery in supporting human in their health and disease and in the unity of human nature.


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