Heart Rate Variability: for real doctors. Regulation in the disease. Some pathological conditions. Approach at heart rhythm disorder

Yabluchansky N.I., Martynenko A.V.

Heart rate variability: for real doctors. Translation from the Russian version of the book, published at Kharkiv, 2010, 131 p.
The basics and practice of the clinical use of the technology of heart rate variability are outlined for doctors of all specialties and students of medical faculties of universities.

9. Regulation in the disease

Approach at heart rhythm disorder

This area of ​HRV applications is new and awaits its pioneers.
It considered earlier that if there are many violations of the heart rhythm, HRV technology cannot be used.
Today, the approach is changing, and we say that the technology at the present stage of the development of science with cardiac arrhythmias should be used but not in the traditional philosophy of regulation.
The methods underlying the HRV are the most powerful tool for studying periodic processes, and therefore you should not deny yourself in their applications to non-sinus rhythm cases, in this case speaking about the powers of the spectrum and spectral domains (VLF, LF, HF) HRV without reference to terminology in the sense of regulation.
The HRV technology not only makes it possible to select the most appropriate drugs for patient health but also to determine and control their pharmacodynamics in its effects on regulation.
Life gives many examples, and these examples must skillfully be used when interfering with the primary disease syndromes “solves” many “secondary” tasks.



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