Heart Rate Variability: for real doctors. Regulation in the disease. Some pathological conditions. Real clinical practice

Yabluchansky N.I., Martynenko A.V.

Heart rate variability: for real doctors. Translation from the Russian version of the book, published at Kharkiv, 2010, 131 p.
The basics and practice of the clinical use of the technology of heart rate variability are outlined for doctors of all specialties and students of medical faculties of universities.

9. Regulation in the disease

Real clinical practice

In its activities, the doctor deals with the patient, the individuality (genotypic, phenotypic) of which is multiplied by the individuality of the disease that goes with it.
However, this is not all because of “clean” diseases are only in textbooks.
In life, most often more than one disease.
All this modifies and even more individualizes the picture of the patient’s disease, not to mention the influence of medical and other interventions.
Therefore, the golden rule, which is not about one HRV, but any technology – there is no golden rule.
The HRV technology not only confirms the individuality of the patient and the individuality of his illness (diseases), but is the basis of a real clinical practice that the modern medical community finally understood, but which was formulated at the dawn of clinical medicine by M. Mudrov – “Medical treatment does not consist in treating a disease … Medical treatment consists of treating the patient himself.”


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