Новая альтернатива ингаляционным кортикостероидам при бронхиальной астме

Новая альтернатива ингаляционным кортикостероидам при бронхиальной астме антагонисты лейкотриеновых рецепторов.


Изолированно, а также в комбинации с теми же ингаляционными кортикостероидами, они существенно улучшают контроль заболевания и снижают осложнения.

Препараты используются перорально.

Берем на заметку.

Бронхиальная астма из когорты метеозависимых состояний.


Orally administered leukotriene-receptor antagonists (LRTAs), alone or with inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs), significantly improved asthma control and reduced exacerbations, according to a systematic review published online September 22 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Adverse events were similar in the LTRA and placebo groups.

“Successful long-term management of asthma includes the use of medications that target the underlying inflammatory process,” Michael Miligkos, MD, from the University of Thessaly School of Medicine in Larissa, Greece, and colleagues write. “Although [ICSs] constitute the current gold standard of maintenance treatment, [LTRAs] have the advantages of oral once- or twice-daily dosing and apparent avoidance of the adverse effects associated with long-term corticosteroid therapy.”

Because the effect of LTRAs compared with placebo is still unclear, the investigators aimed to evaluate the benefits and harms of LTRAs as monotherapy or in combination with ICSs compared with placebo in adults and adolescents with asthma.

A search of MEDLINE and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials through June 2015 identified 2008 pertinent abstracts for screening. Fifty trials met eligibility criteria and were peer-reviewed, English-language, randomized controlled trials in patients with asthma comparing the effect of LTRAs with that of placebo on measures of asthma control.

Больше читайте в Leukotriene-Receptor Antagonists Improve Asthma Control.


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