Paracetamol and asthma

Paracetamol or acetaminophen widely uses in clinical, pediatric and adult practice as a febrifuge, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.


Many parents use paracetamol as an ambulance, and when the body temperature rises above 37 degrees Celsius, they rush to give it to children. For this case, the pharmaceutical industry prepared the drug in various forms of sweet syrups, etc.

And here is the most unpleasant news with paracetamol, which use is associated with a high risk of asthma development in children and adults.

In one study, which included 322,959 adolescents from 50 countries, the use of paracetamol was associated with a sharp increase in the frequency of asthma symptoms. Taking paracetamol is also associated with an increased risk of other allergic conditions, such as eczema and rhinoconjunctivitis. There are similar studies on adults.

There are data according to which treatment with paracetamol is associated with an increased risk of asthma symptoms development by 46%.

We must be vigilant and not rush with every use of paracetamol and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

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