The Full Moon on December 21, 2018 changing the human health

Full Moon on December 21, 2018, that is being called the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon and that will brighten the sky on the year’s longest night, at least couple days changes the human health in physical, psychical and social measures.

Unmotivated anxiety, weakness, malaise, loss of strength, aggression, headaches, suicidal tendencies, crimes, increased blood pressure, pains in the heart area are the signs of the Full Moon action.
Be patient, do not overeat, avoid stress, control your vital functions, if necessary, ask your doctor for help.
Aspirin up to 300 mg a day can be useful for a week. Everything will be fine.
The moon on this night would be called the Cold Moon. The name has been given after a Native American community, who considered the full moon in December as the beginning of the coldest days of the year. The other name, Long Night Moon, is indeed too literal and its purpose is to relate the moon to the year’s longest night.

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