The most natural way to promote health

It’s time to go for health

Walking is the most natural way of physical movement of a person, and it is also one of the best forms of physical activity, which, following simple rules, allows you to maintain and strengthen your health.
So, it’s time to take and start going on health.

The walking that brings health

The most critical thing in walking for health is its speed.
The speed determines by age, sex, constitution, health resources, existing diseases, and their characteristics.
For all this variety of cases, there is one standard for walking for health, namely, the speed at which you can still speak, but already talk with difficulty.
Do not forget to inhale in your nose while walking and exhale with your mouth.

Call for activity

Walk at home (in the apartment, house, yard, street), walk at work (in the office, the corridors).
During work, try to walk at least 5 minutes every hour.
Each episode of walking you should turn into walking for health.
Give priority to walking over public transport, eventually sit in it at the stop further and get off at the stop earlier.
The best walking is away from highways but in park areas.

To benefit more

Walking is better in the morning on an empty stomach or in 1.5 – 2.0 hours after food intake.
The excellent reference point for walking is 10,000 steps per day.
It is easy to control the number of steps using pedometers, and the most accessible of them now are in smartphones.

Useful tricks

In walking, engage the movement of the upper limbs.
The best way here is Nordic walking.
The sticks must support the forward movement, and they should repel from the surface on which you are walking.

No trifles

Shoes should be orthopedic and comfortable.
Clothes for the season and for the pace of walking.
If the weather does not allow, get walking exercises in enclosed spaces.
While walking, maintain your willpower and direct it towards health promotion.

Exceptions confirm the rule

Not everyone can have a speed that satisfies the criterion “can speak but speak with difficulty,” such as those suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and specific conditions of the nervous system, which reduce the human motor abilities.
Here the criterion changes to “the speed with which you can walk.”
For people with disabilities “attached” to a wheelchair, the rule should extend to movement with the help of hands.

The most affordable way to promote health

Health is necessary for everyone, regardless, is he or she healthy or sick.
A patient needs even in more health to overcome the disease.
The best way to maintain health is in a simple walk on the rules prescribed above.
Be active, go for health, and it will start to arrive.



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