Is heart failure a syndrome or a disease?


Heart failure defines as one of the clinical syndromes of the circulatory system or other systems diseases in which the last is involved (for example, cor pulmonale)

Heart failure can never be an independent diagnosis, and always must be included in the structure of the determination of the disease that caused it

International Classification of Diseases 10

Other forms of heart disease (I30-I52)

I50 Heart Failure

I50.0 Congestive heart failure

I50.1 Left ventricular failure

I50.9 Heart failure, unspecified

Diseases of different nature complicate by heart failure

Heart failure in the disease means modification of its (disease) mechanisms and clinical picture

Even when we solve a disease problem, heart failure remains

Heart failure has its clear mechanisms and a clear clinical picture

We live in a world of causal-consequential relations, and always the consequence transforms into the cause of a new consequence

The hypothesis of heart failure as a disease that hovers in the scientific community no longer seems completely unacceptable

In real clinical practice often arrive the moment when we start  to treat not a disease but a heart failure in the role of the disease caused by this disease

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