NASA тестирует ядерный реактор под названием Kilopower для колонизации Марса

NASA тестирует небольшой ядерный реактор под названием Kilopower с термоэлектрическим двигателем Стирлинга, способным выдавать от 1 до 10 кВт мощности, который планируется использовать при колонизации Марса.


Kilopower работает на обогащённом уране и станет основным для первых колонистов на Марсе и Луне.

If humans have any hope of sticking around on Mars for longer than a few days, they’ll need some form of power to sustain themselves. A successful test in Nevada has demonstrated that that power could be nuclear.

NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy successfully performed their initial tests on a miniature nuclear power system, and will try a more developed test in March. Reuters reports:Months-long testing began in November at the energy department’s Nevada National Security Site, with an eye toward providing energy for future astronaut and robotic missions in space and on the surface of Mars, the moon or other solar system destinations.

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