книги webhnd.com My principle of the disease optimality for doctors indeed
The principle of disease optimality defines its norm, the optimal variant when a patient pays a little payment by his/her health for a qualitative recovery. “Whales” of the principle disease optimality are philosophy of health and disease..
книги webhnd.com Геронтология Ипполита Васильевича Давыдовского
Геронтология Ипполита Васильевича Давыдовского - суперучебник, на все времена, для всех поколений врачей и ученых, постигающих азы медицины и достигающих ее вершин...

Recommendations for the prevention of heat stroke

Hot summer in the period of global warming increases the risk of heat stroke. To prevent heat stroke, follow these

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Mosquito repellent bracelets for kids, adults, and pets

If mosquito season, repellent bracelets are the first line of defense from contact with them. This way you can prevent

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Aerobic exercises reduce all sorts of addiction

All sorts of addiction including alcohol, nicotine, stimulants, and opioids can be treated with appropriate intensity and duration of aerobic

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t’s time to restore confidence in the diet to pork fat and other animal fats

If you avoid fatty food of animal origin in the diet, you may have slowed muscle growth due to choline

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Metabolically healthy obese individuals need to be prevented from transformation into metabolic unhealthy

Metabolically healthy obese  individuals without baseline diabetes, hypertension, or hypercholesterolemia have a significantly lower risk for cardiovascular disease, regardless of

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